Thursday, 12 May 2016

Year 7 Fun Week

As usual we started school at 8:30 and we had the karakia and mihi in the morning with the year eights. We got the chance to say goodbye to the year eights before they left and when they did leave, us year sevens took their position in being the leaders for the school.

First of all we watched a movie called ‘From Boys To Men’, created by the James Cook high school in Manurewa. We only watched half of the whole movie and one of our teacher was involved in a little bit of the film.

When we returned on Thursday to school we started creating Lei beds to welcome back the year eights on Friday. We also finished off watching the rest of ‘Boys to Men’ and we created a review about it.  One of the other tasks some people decided to do, was create our own posters about ‘Boys to Men’.

It was Friday morning the day for the year eights to return and take the lead again for the school. On that Friday, it was the last day of the term so the year sevens celebrated by have a mince and cheese lunch together.  We had the time to finish off our Lei beds too.
IMG_2058.JPGScreenshot 2016-05-04 at 8.28.12 AM.png

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