Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Plants And Trees

What Easter Is All About

What is Easter?
People have different beliefs about what easter is.Some people believe it is about Easter eggs or that Jesus resurrected,and some people don’t even celebrate it.

Easter Eggs
Ancient, Egyptians and Persians believed that the earth hatched from an egg.They celebrated new life by decorating eggs in bright spring colours.The first chocolate eggs were made in Germany in the 19th century.

Easter Sunday
Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross for their sins.On Easter Friday Jesus died on the cross.It was said on Easter Sunday Jesus resurrected into heaven.

All over the world,there are many beliefs about Easter.At the end of the day,it all depends on what you believe it is all about.What does Easter mean to you?

Friday, 11 April 2014

Trying My Best

This week I've tried my best in my Xtra math.

Math Lovers

This week I have finished my Math wizz.


1. Who is the pohutukawa important to?They are important to the animals.
2. Why do people think of it as the New Zealand Christmas tree?Because the red flowers bloom in december.

3. What makes the pohutukawa special?Because this tree provides habitat and food for many creatures.

4. How does the pohutukawa grow?They usually grows faster in warm places.

5. Explain what nectar is.nectar is sweet water that many creatures like to eat.

6. How have pohutukawa trees been used in the past?They got used for shipbuilding and also burnt down to make farmland.

7. What is project crimson and why do you think it was named this?It is a colour and the colour of rata.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

What Is Fiafia To You?

Fiafia at pt england is a 
celebration about our culture’s and the traditional things we do. Samoans and tongans calls it happy but for new zealanders it is a celebration for the fun of our lives.

Our school has this celebration every two years.The teacher’s sometimes join in with our wonderful dancing and we also have family cake stalls or food stalls.Our parents are really proud of us when we are smiling.

My fiafia group was the middle hiphop our costumes were white top, black pants and bandanas.But my favorite performance was senior hip hop because the minions looked really funny I wanted to get up and dance.  I was shouting and cheering for them.

After fiafia everybody was really, really tired so when I got home I fell asleep into a deep dream.  

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Harvesting Flax

The Five Skills

The key competencies. What does it mean to you? The key competencies are the sensible skills that we use to keep our brains going and learning other things.

Managing self is what I’m really successful at. For example in our class the students could be chatting and one person is sitting up and ready to learn for the day.Thinking is one of the other things that I’m really good at because when the teacher asks us a question we think about that question and use our brain to find data and give the ideas.

I am really good at lots of things, but I still need to improve some of my learning as well as  participating and contributing. I’m good at doing that but I need a bit more practice. What I need to practice is speaking clearly because I am sometimes shy when I’m in front of an audience or crowd.

These five skills thinking, managing self, participating and contributing,relating to others and using language symbols and texts has to be included in schools. So make sure you start doing it even though other people are being silly around you.