Thursday, 15 June 2017

Sweet as Poetry

Walt: Oral Language - analyse and adopt spoken texts with expression and confidence

This week in literacy we have still been carrying out our knowledge of poems and expressing ourselves more. We have learnt more about how we need to talk with expression, projecting our voice and making our words loud and clear.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Plays and Poetry

Walt:Analyse and adapt spoken text with expression and confidence

This week our focus is on plays and poetry. Our text is a play and we are learning how to be confident and speak clearly in front of an audience. I know I have achieved this goal when I am able to speak confidently in front of an audience and not hesitate.


Walt: recognize and understand hundredths

This week our focus is on decimals fractions and percentages. The main thing is actually decimals and the column we are learning to understand about is the hundredths column. We also have a key competency to focus on as well which is to competent thinkers. This key competency will be carried out until next week and I know I have achieved this when I am thinking carefully about the equations and making good decisions of who to sit with in class.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Making Pt England Successful

Now that’s thinking Diary

Name: Myztique, Seini, Cameo
Chosen Idea: Lockers

Each week write down what your group achieved.
  • Explain what you contributed towards that week's achievements.
  • Note any problems you or your group are experiencing.
  • What did you learn this week?

Need (Project)
Our Project is to make bag hooks for classrooms in the school who are in need of them. During our research we have learnt that only team 4 and 5 are the only groups that need bag hooks. In team 5 we have most of the student bags on the ground instead of on the bag hooks that we have in our space, some student say the we need more bag hooks so that the students bags can fit on one side of each bag hooks.

We met with Mrs Tele’a to confirm our project and we also shared with her the materials needed and the quantity needed to make this possible. We talked about how many hooks could fit on one pole and how many rows we wanted. Soon we decided to have eight on each pole for now and we also wanted a lock plan for the lockers as many are locked with lost combinations. We also talked about what we needed for our project and what the amount of bag hooks, screws and and hammers we need in this project.

For every Friday our team, team 5 split up into our inquiry groups (swimming groups). Room 3's Inquiry group is just our home class, today we had to continue working on our projects from last week which is making things that would make our school more successful. We had to list all the materials we need and let Mrs Tele'a know so that she would provide them for us.  

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Using Data

Walt: Collect and organise data

What is data usage? Data is another word for information so we use the data that we've learnt to put into our answers for the equations given to us. We were to complete questions that included probability and graphs.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Warm... Cold

Walt: Evaluating - I gather, and synthesize to evaluate information across a range of text

Making clever clothes.. isn't that clever? There are some pretty clever things that we can create but Stewart Collie make clever clothes like, fire and stab resistant gowns for patients in hospitals, built in mp3 in a jacket, electrical socks to warm your feet and more! Also different housing insulation, there are different material to make these insulators.

Environmental Gas

Walt: Evaluating - I gather, and synthesize to evaluate information across a range of text

For this week in literacy we read about environmental gases. We had to read to different text and the two gases they talked about was Biogas made of fresh dung, and methane gas from rubbish dumps. Biogas is formed when fresh dung goes into a Biogas Plant and goes out one side into you kitchen where the stove is. This gas is used for cooking which is really useful. The Methane gas provides electricity and that is also very useful. I really enjoyed learning about these environmental gases and if there was a power outage I would have a solution in mind.

Thursday, 1 June 2017


Walt: Interpret information from different graphs

For this week we were introduced to a new type of graph which is the dot plot. In this presentation there were many things included for our learning such as, statistics, reading diagrams and probability. I had to gather information from the graph to answer the question with and I found really easy to find information from this graph. I am very excited and looking forward to learning more about different graphs and how they're laid out.


Walt: Calculate the probability of an event happening

Probability... what is it? Probability is the likeliness of something happening. At the end of this presentation we got to do our own experiment around probability using a coin. With a toss of a coin there are only two chances that the coin will land on heads. I think that I have achieved the WALT because I am very positive that my answers are correct and I understand what probability is now.  What I have learnt from this lesson is how to predict what is going to happen in a probability experiment. For example, if you had 7 marbles in your hand, 5 transparent and 2 red what is the chance of you picking out a red marble? Please leave a comment showing you answer and your strategy.