Thursday, 26 May 2016

Wool & Nail Art

This term is all about art and as part of our topic; as i see it team 5 have been running a whole team activity every Thursday & Friday. After every week we switch around to a different class and we make different pieces of art.  We worked on a project with wool and nail my partners were Cameo and Yvonne, our creation was a sad face.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

I've got your back!

Image result for calm down and  help others
What should you do when someones unhappy in school?

- Support them and encourage them to carry on

- Seek for help when someones upset and you think they might abuse you or hurt you

- Offer them some of your lunch if they don't have any

- Talk to them try to cheer them up

- Physical actions such as hugs - Let them know that your there for them

- If someone has fallen down help them up and don't laugh at them

These are few little helpful things that you could do to help others so if you want to help change your school or the world you can use these simple tips to help others.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Book Review

One of our tasks were to create a review about a book we have read. The book I have read is called Sina & Tinilau.

'Show not Tell'

Our focus for this term is to extend our writing. As part of our topic we have learnt how to describe things in detail and to show not tell.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

i luminate

IMG_0471 (1).JPGIMG_0460.JPG

Last Tuesday a few people from an amazing and really talented dance group came and performed to Pt England. The name of their group was ‘i luminate’ the actual word is illuminate it means making darkness brighter. They came all the way from the USA to perform at schools in New Zealand. Only three people were able to come and perform for us their names are; Mat the tall one with the checked shirt, Danny the other male and Lisa the female.

As I sat in the hall and watched them in amazement while they had their costume on I wondered what they looked like without it on. When they removed their costume at the end of the show I could see which was which. The choreography of their performance was really spectacular & their attitude of when they danced was enthusiastic and on point.

When ‘i luminate’ performed to us they wore special costumes that could turn on & off during their dance routine. Their costumes were able to do this because it was programmed by something called LED. LED is like a computer chip that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it.

I really enjoyed their performance and I hope that next time they come they would be able to come with more of the crew. Here is a short clip of them dancing.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


This activity is called a thinkboard. This week in my numeracy class we have been focusing on algebra. We have been learning how to solve an unknown number or variable. The variable for this thinkboard is fifteen.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Attitude Speech

Last Wednesday a man named Nate from 'Attitude' came to Pt England to talk to the team 5 students about the different personalities and how to be ourselves. Nate had the personality of an otter, otters love to do things the fun way. 

There were four different animal personalities that Nate spoke to us about there was; an otter, lion, golden retriever and a beaver. Nate told us a few stories and one of them was about him trying to fit in just by playing sports to receive a blue jacket. Instead it turned out that he had a bump on his forehead and it made him look like an angry unicorn. 

A few things I learnt from Nate was to help others, make the right decisions, your future depends on what kind of friends you play with and also to be yourself. I am really looking forward for the next time that a member of 'Attitude' comes and does another speech for us and teach us more about getting to know our own personality.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Year 7 Fun Week

As usual we started school at 8:30 and we had the karakia and mihi in the morning with the year eights. We got the chance to say goodbye to the year eights before they left and when they did leave, us year sevens took their position in being the leaders for the school.

First of all we watched a movie called ‘From Boys To Men’, created by the James Cook high school in Manurewa. We only watched half of the whole movie and one of our teacher was involved in a little bit of the film.

When we returned on Thursday to school we started creating Lei beds to welcome back the year eights on Friday. We also finished off watching the rest of ‘Boys to Men’ and we created a review about it.  One of the other tasks some people decided to do, was create our own posters about ‘Boys to Men’.

It was Friday morning the day for the year eights to return and take the lead again for the school. On that Friday, it was the last day of the term so the year sevens celebrated by have a mince and cheese lunch together.  We had the time to finish off our Lei beds too.
IMG_2058.JPGScreenshot 2016-05-04 at 8.28.12 AM.png

Friday, 6 May 2016


Walt: scanning for information with my knowledge to support inferences I make when reading.

Swimming with sharks is dangerous. A teenage girl from the village of Mo'unga'one would not agree. This week we read a story that related to a legend. The legend meant people from a village could swim with sharks and be safe.

We had to think about the different characters and why they responded the way they did. I had to put myself in their shoes to see how they felt.   

I've learned that legends can sometimes give people confidence and also make them feel safe where some people would feel scared and in danger.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

The title for our topic this term is called ‘as i see it’. Titles usually begin with a capital letter but since we are learning about different kinds of art, Mr Jacobsen created his own piece of art where you don’t have to follow the actual rules but make your own just like the title.

First we were accompanied by a movie from team 1, it was based on what their favourite things were and as part of what we are learning this term they’d use all their favourite things and make it into of art.

Team 2’s movie was about all four of the different seasons, spring, summer, winter and autumn. Ms Nalder - Spring, Ms Tumahai - Autumn, Ms Eadie - Winter and Ms  They spotted out all of the colours of the seasons and how they can make it into art using hot colours and light colours.

Team 3 teachers created a movie about building their dream house. There were five people that met each other on facebook and they lived in the dream house. Mr Blakey talked about the relationship between the house and the people.

The ‘Teacher Avengers’ in team 4 are reading comics and creating their own as well. There were three superhero’s in the ‘Teacher Avengers’; Team Leader America, Wondering Woman and Bat Guy. Two amateur hero’s tried to defeat the evil Bear Baxendine but failed until the Teacher Avengers rescued them and defeated Bear Baxendine.

This term my team, team 5 are going to be learning about the four wakas and their meanings. Hikianalia represents the stars, Hokule’a represents our ancestors, Hine Moana is the ocean and Te Aurere represents blood, sweat and tears.

I am looking forward to learning about the wakas and things don’t already know about it.