Monday, 16 May 2016

Attitude Speech

Last Wednesday a man named Nate from 'Attitude' came to Pt England to talk to the team 5 students about the different personalities and how to be ourselves. Nate had the personality of an otter, otters love to do things the fun way. 

There were four different animal personalities that Nate spoke to us about there was; an otter, lion, golden retriever and a beaver. Nate told us a few stories and one of them was about him trying to fit in just by playing sports to receive a blue jacket. Instead it turned out that he had a bump on his forehead and it made him look like an angry unicorn. 

A few things I learnt from Nate was to help others, make the right decisions, your future depends on what kind of friends you play with and also to be yourself. I am really looking forward for the next time that a member of 'Attitude' comes and does another speech for us and teach us more about getting to know our own personality.


  1. Hi Seini,
    This post was really interesting to read. I've never heard of Attitude before. It was good to read that you've learned some positive things during Nate's talk. Enjoy the rest of your term.

    Love Miss Lavakula

  2. Thanks Miss Lavakula for this wonderful comment. I have really missed you teaching me and I hope that your class will treat you in a respectful way.

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