Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Be the Inspiration

Here is a presentation that I have completed with two other people in my home class. It includes inspirational quotes.

Olympic Athletes

This presentation is just about athletes that I have researched for fun and it includes disqualifications, young athletes and good country representatives.

Silicon Valley Advice


\This morning we were inspired by two Tamaki College senior students; Saia and Gabriel. They were two of ten people who were chosen to visit Silicon Valley in America and explore some of the common companies. 

All ten of the people who went were male and were students from different colleges. Ten people from different schools are chosen every two years by Andrew Paddison and there's an age limit which is year 11. Saia & Gabriel inspired us and motivated us to reach for the top, go for goal and set your mind to what your looking forward to in the future.

Olympics Narrative

As the crowd chanted in unison, the eight competitors from all around the world had briefly started warming up. When the contestants were signaled to settle into their starting positions, silence filled the stadium. All eight competitors had immediately put on a serious and eager face.  
Bang! The crowd broke out of their silence mode and started roaring with excitement as the official shot the starting pistol and the racers had sprung out of their starting positions. As they rapidly approached the finish line, their eager facials had vanished when the race official had notified that six competitors had false started and only two had made it into the finals.
With disappointed impressions the six participants walked out of the stadium, when suddenly the crowd started chanting with anger. “Retry, retry, retry!” The race official stood there looking speechlessly at the mad audience and not knowing what to do. As the crowd continued shouting loudly for another round, the official had no choice but to restart the race. _________________________________________________________________________________WALT:  This week in literacy most of our focus has been on writing. Our task was to find an image about the modern Olympics and write a narrative about it. There are three types of sentences that we needed to include in our writing; simple, compound and complex.

Monday, 22 August 2016

A Bumpy Road to Rio

In this presentation you'll find that we have been learning about what it takes to get into the Olympics and it's a really hard journey.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Disqualifications In Rio Olympics

This is my presentation of my choice that I have completed in literacy. It's about people who were disqualified in the Rio Olympics 2016.