Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Thirst

Walt: justify their ideas from within the text and by inference
In this google slide it shows answers for questions about a book we read called 'Thirst.' The characters in the book are really poor and they didn't have enough money to afford more water because they didn't have much water for survival & it was at the drought season so it hardly rained.

Friday, 11 March 2016


Walt: understand statistics vocabulary

I never knew what statistics were before but I knew it had something to do with maths. Now that I've learnt about it I know all about statistics and the meaning of it and its really easy. Mode, median, average & the mean is all part of statistics. Take a look at the google slide if you don't already know what statistics are and it will hopefully help you understand what statistics are.

Treaty 2 U

Every Friday we stay in our home classes and we either work on a task that our teacher gives us or we finish off our learning from our maths class or literacy class.  This is one of our home class tasks that we were told to do by our home class teacher. As you can see this google slide is about Waitangi, we had to work in groups I hope you enjoy and leave a comment. Here is a link to our recording of it.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Spirit Of The Bird

Walt:* To find out about the importance of the Moa to early Maori
         * To think critically about the main characters' actions and motives
         * T o identify the challenges of life centuries ago in Aotearoa.

In my literacy group in Ruapehu we read about a 'Mighty Moa'. Characters; Pai, the people of the land & Pai's family. Pai and her people have no food to eat so they try hunting the Moa.

Friday, 4 March 2016

The Stag

Walt: justify their ideas from within the text or by inference

In literacy class each group read a book and had a presentation based on book. As you can see the book we read was 'The Stag.'  We answered questions in the presentation according to the book.