Monday, 29 June 2015

How to make a poppy

WALT: give step by step instructions of how to make a poppy

A few week ago we made poppy's with Ms Tito. But now we have finished and we decided to teach others to make one for them self. 

Friday, 26 June 2015

Educreation Learning

This week I have learnt how to subtract fractions. For example 8/12 - 5/12 = 3/12 because the denominator is the same number so you leave it the same. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Mixture of complex and simple sentences

We have learnt to write complex and simple sentences. For example complex: The sun can burn you and you could get skin cancer if you don’t protect your skin. Simple: The sun can burn you. 

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


This week we have learnt to add and subtract fractions for maths. This is a way that could help you, so if the denominator is the same then it just stays as it is or if the. For example 7/14 + 2/14 = 9/14 because 14 stays the same  and you only add up the numerator.   

Problem Solving Week 10

Walt: add and subtract fractions

This week we're still focusing on fractions. But we are learning something different this time. 

This week I have learnt to add and subtract fractions. For example 1/8 + 5/8 = 6/8 or 3/4 because if the denominator is the same number then it stays as it is. So that's how I know it is 6/8, but if its in simplest from then the answer is 3/4.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Designing a playground

This week one of our task for reading was to make a design a playground for our school. We made Google forms and people filled it in for us.

 During this activity I have learnt to make a Google form. Not only that but also how to change the backgrounds in it.   

Explaining my game

The game I made is called Spike Strike because it’s a place filled with lots of spikes. During rainy some people had nothing to do so we decided to make side scrolling games for people to play.

My lead character is Sponge-bob, his mission is to find the crabby patty formula that has been stolen. He needs to get to the end of the game with the formula where he will see all his friends and receive a big reward from Mr Crab.   

One of Sponge-bob’s biggest challenges is when he’s trying to defeat Plankton who had stolen the formula and try’s to take it from him. It was hard for Sponge-bob because Plankton was much smarter than him and he knew what to do to Sponge-bob. While he was fighting Plankton he lost two lives and then he only had one left before he was vanished.

Luckily Sponge-bob had the ability to shoot blazer eyes. So before Plankton could do something cruel to Sponge-bob he shot one at him and ran off with the formula. The reward from Mr Crab for was a female snail and new spatula.

Creating an introduction - week 7

Walt: write an engaging introduction

 My Introduction: Brr that must be freezing, I wouldn't want to start my day in ice cold water. I was at a lake I saw a man with no clothes but shorts jumping into cold water. Ah Standing shivery in the lake I was really damp and cold what a disaster. Someone had pushed me into the water without me noticing.

My next Introduction: Freezing cold water, a normal man, put them together you get winter man. Have you heard of winter man before? I wonder if winter man is cold in summer or hot like every one else.

The task this week for writing is to write an introduction about an image of a man jumping into cold water. First we had to write our own introduction then when we finished we have to use someone else's sentence beginning to write a second introduction. 

Friday, 19 June 2015

Educreation Week 8

We are still learning how to change in proper fractions into a mixed fraction. I haven't learnt anything new in this task because we have been on it for a long time. 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Problem Solving Week 9

Walt: use fractions

Again this week we worked on presentations. I solved two problems using the same strategy that I used last week.

This week I haven't really learnt anything big in this task because we've been working on fractions for a while now.  But I have learnt a lot more on how to read and write fractions.     

Monday, 15 June 2015

Problem Solving - Week 8

Walt: Use fractions

Every week one of our tasks for maths is to work out maths questions in a presentation that our teacher makes for us. We work in pair's of two or three but there are only two questions in the presentation. 


My family whakapapa

This term in Maori we've been working on our whakapapa's. A whakapapa is like a family tree and it's all about you and your family. 

Identifying Nouns

Walt: identify nouns in pictures

 Ms Tito made presentations for to fill in. There were pictures in every slide we had to put in nouns that show in the photo. 

I have learnt to not just look at images but also add nouns to them for fun. What I liked about this activity is looking at interesting photo's and also figuring out nouns for images that I found hard. I found this activity really easy and if I had to rate it from 1 to 10 I would give it 8.5.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Compare and Contrast

Walt: find comparisons and differences between items and provide proof

Our task was to create a compare and contrast diagram. We also added a padlet to it with information from the text we read. 

I have learnt so many new things about Christchurch that I never knew before. Did you know that Christchurch don't have any art galleries? They were demolished from the earthquake in 2010. Instead they paint on their buildings so the people could see the painting's outdoors. They have built temporary buildings to look after people who have lost their homes, businesses or even important place like churches.

Free Blog Writing

Everyday in school the year five, six and some year fours have a run for fitness. We usually go for our run before morning tea. We have to do only one lap but before it was two. Its like a marathon and if we don’t make it back to class before the bell rings for play time those people don’t get their food.

For some reason, I really like going for the run (but most people don’t). Those who don’t like the run say “It's to tiring” and walk while everyone else is running. I like the run because it makes me fit, healthy and strong, and I like being fit, healthy and strong. Some people have races and whoever would win they’d say “Haha I won you lost.” I just try my best and sometimes I also give myself goals for every run that we do.

Sometimes I encourage some people as I go past them and also run with them for a while. I’d really like people to encourage me because it is a really nice thing to do. Do you want people to encourage you in activities that you participate in?

         After I've finished running I always like to have a drink because my throat dries up all the time. I really don’t like it when my throat dries up because it always tastes like there’s blood in my mouth and it tastes disgusting. Sometimes I bring my own bottle to school so I wouldn’t have to walk to the drinking fountain.
I hope that you do fitness as well, so you can get fitter, healthier and stronger. I call our run the Mighty Run, because it can make me feel mightier than before we started running. If you want to get mightier then make sure you do some fitness and exercise for at least an hour a day. But don’t worry if you don’t like running, walking is equavalent to running (somehow).  

Monday, 8 June 2015

Week 7 Educreation

Walt: Use fractions

During week 7 & 8 we have been looking at fractions. As you can see in this video we have been learning to change in proper fractions into a mixed fraction. 

We have learnt to change in proper fractions by dividing the denominator and the numerator. I think I was quite confident in working out the questions.   

Friday, 5 June 2015

Problem Solving Week 7

Walt: Use Fractions

This week we've been focusing on fractions. We solved problems in presentation's that included fractions. We had to solve the problems showing our working out.

I have learnt how to figure out how to get the fraction for twelve brownies with nuts in it. Three brownies didn't have any nuts in it so I knew that the fraction was 1/5. The fraction for fifteen brownies is 5/5 and then I knew the fraction for twelve brownies it was 4/5.