Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Cross Country

Thirsty and tired everyone felt the same because of one really hard activity. Pt England School has had their cross country a few weeks ago and after it happened everyone was exhausted. Some people had a really hard time running so they either stopped and walked some of them even cried and slipped over too.

To school we normally where our uniforms but in cross country we wore our house colors. At Pt England we have house colors that we use for groups. In special days like cross country or athletics we wear our house colors.  

During cross country I kept encouraging myself to keep on going. There were only a few people that I passed in the cross country. While I was running I couldn’t breath and I could taste blood. Luckily after the run we got to have a drink of water and that saved my life!

In cross country there wasn’t a time I ever stopped moving my feet. Some people fell over, stopped for a break and most just wanted to get over with it. It was only a few times that I had to walk in cross country because I had to catch my breath.

One of my favorite parts of the cross country was when it was over, I also liked watching and encouraging the other students who were running. Next time I am hoping not to ever stop to walk and just keep on going. I am really looking forward for the next cross country and I’m hoping to be in the top 3.  

Friday, 18 September 2015

An Interview With Craig

Walt: find information and use this in an empathetic way

An Interview With Craig from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
In the past few weeks I have been editing and fixing up this amazing movie. I have really enjoyed this fun activity.

A Special Market Day

Walt: write an interesting and detailed recount

Image result for trade and enterprise

This term our topic is Trade & Enterprise. Trade & Enterprise is about creating and selling products. Most of the children in team four have become rich because of our market day.

We had a market day at school so that we could have a fun activity selling and buying products. In the market I was in a business called custom stationery. Me and my business partners, Rosalina & Venetia were selling maths book covers because at school all our maths books look the same.

Before we got started in the market some of the business groups decided to decorate their classes. Room six, seven and eight decorated their classes with a string that has colorful triangles on them. My business, custom stationery were set up in room six because our teacher was Mr Goodwin.

In the market not just team four was there were visitors from Christchurch who came with pt’s and pcs. They got the chance to buy product from us with the money they got. Unfortunately they came in the second half and all the product were nearly gone.

The market was really fun even when we got to buy from other business groups. I liked buying from all the groups but I liked kitchen the most. I could tell that most of the other students liked kitchen best because it was almost sold out.

The market was really fun! I am really looking forward to the surprise our teachers are planning for us. We are all hoping to be able to spend all our money on really cool things.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Problem Solving

Walt:multiply and divide decimals by whole numbers
For this week I have learnt to add and subtract decimals. I found this weeks problem solving easy and hard.

Problem Solving

Walt:multiply and divide decimals by the power of ten

This week I have learnt how to go backwards in directions. I have enjoyed this because it was really easy and fun for me.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: multiply and divide decimal numbers

This week the question I worked out was really tricky but I managed to give it a go and try an answer. My answer was 67.2 but I wasn't sure if it was correct. If you would like please have a go on trying to solve this problem and comment it below.