Monday, 4 July 2016

A CATatrophe

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Joel rapidly unlocked the front door and saw the blood covered rat lying still on the cold hard ground in front of him. As he got further inside his house, a terrible stench slowly began to creep up his nose. He immediately covered his hand over his nose but after a while the smell disappeared.

When Joel reached the study area of his house he noticed that a window had been left open. He had been to Uni classes, but on his return he noticed mysterious scratches covering the window sill.

A straight A student at Auckland University, Joel had just returned home from a study break. When he saw the dead rat he felt sick. Then Joel realized that the living room was a total mess. The book shelf had fallen, couches and curtains had been ripped and glass scattered on the floor from a window that had been broken. He ran his fingers over his short black hair. “How did this happen?” he groaned.

 As he walked over to shut the window he heard loud ripping sounds coming from the direction of the living room. “What was that?” he whispered. Joel walked towards the direction of the noise but before he could take a step a vicious wild cat jumped at his face and scratched one of his bright blue eyes. “Youch!!” Joel cried.

He quickly stood and ran to the telephone where he rang the nearest pest control company. “Hi, how may I help you?” said a low deep voice. “Can I please have your finest pest controller now please it’s urgent” Joel said in a desperate voice. A few minutes later the pest controller turned up with all his traps and tools to capture the mischievous cat.

After the catastrophe was over, Joel sat calmly on one of the  wrecked couches in the living room. He gazed at all the books on the bookshelves that had fallen over and he remembered his study books and uni class, but he was already too late. Instead he stayed home to clean up the disaster in his living room. He definitely wouldn’t forget that experience in a while.
WALT: Write a narrative that has detail explaining the basics things needed in a good narrative. For this task we are learning to write a descriptive narrative and create an artwork that relates to our narrative. As you can see above my narrative I have created an image based on Collin Thompson's art work; Grandma's Treasure. 


  1. Hi Seini,

    I love your story and I really love Joel. I think you should have your art piece that matched the piece of writing, on the blog post. (love the art piece as well).

    From your bestie...


    1. Thanks Talita,
      If you have posted your descriptive narrative I am going to be reading it. I can't wait to read all the details and for your Intro to hook me in so I could keep on reading.

      Your sincerely, Seini.

    2. Your welcome and I have posted my narrative. It is very long so I think it may take you a while. Please comment on my writing to point out somethings that are wrong or are GREAT.

      Your best friend, TALITALITALITALITALITALITAAaaaaa

  2. I will be sure to comment on your narrative and point out any faults.