Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Brainstorm Recount

Walt: recount key points and facts from a film or a trailer with detailed reflections:
Today the year eights departed to their camp while the year sevens remained at school leading the rest of the school. This morning we were lucky enough to watch half of the movie Boys 2 Men for a recount.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Problem Solving

Walt: use part unknown to solve fraction

Here is the week 10 problem solving, we are still learning about problem solving and for most of us it is becoming way more easier to solve. It is also getting more easier working independently.

Problem Solving

Walt: solve part unknown fractions

For this weeks task we had to work independently. As you can see we have been learning how to solve part unknown fractions.

Problem Solving

Walt: identify the mathematical equation in a word problem
This task was one of the tasks we had to work with partners with and my partners were Htet htet and Revival. Me and my two friends worked on this together as a team to solve the problem or equation. You can also visit my friends blogs; Revival and Htet htet.


Walt: solve word problems that require the length, area, volume and capacity, weight (mass) that need to be converted.
In my maths class we were the first and only class to start learning about our measurements. Once we completed this presentation we were able to measure three thing in our classroom with a long wood-made ruler. It was fun learning about measurements and measuring things or people in class.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Fact or Opinion

Walt: scan text to find information that express a fact or opinion
Fact or Opinion.
A fact means that something is true and has been proved. An opinion is something that hasn't been proved. Example of Fact: "An apple is a fruit". Example of Opinion: "Mrs Tele'a is the best Teacher ever".

Monday, 4 April 2016

Compare & Contrast

In this presentation it shows the differences about when our parents went to school and about us in school in the present.

'School Is Cool'

Walt: create a DLO about kindness going viral

The CASTZ from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.
This terms theme is about making kindness go viral. In this movie you'll see some footage of kindness between the students here at Pt England School and how much we love school. It wasn't completed but I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Narrative - The Leather Satchel

Walt: justify my ideas from within the text and by inference

In this presentation you'll notice that the eldest has to do everything and have everything too in this family because they couldn't afford enough money for all children to have something like the leather satchel.

Identity About Family Or Belonging

WALT: a. Students will explore how people in Aotearoa New Zealand make choices and take action that makes a significant contribution to New Zealand Society.  (Historically and currently)b. Students explore the idea of a national New Zealand identity and the ways it is represented.
Identity is a word that describes our personalities and our family too or who we are. Some people don't know their families or they don't know themselves which can make them feel alone or unwanted. In the image above it shows a person standing there with  a side with black text, and a side with purple text. The purple text are examples of words to describe how you could feel if you don't know your relatives, and the black text are examples of words that describe how you could feel when your brain is full of many of your relatives that you know.