Monday, 11 December 2017

A.I.M Talk

This morning; team 5 were given an inspirational speech from a former Pt England student; Raenan who came in with Mr Andrew Patterson. As Raenan was talking to us he was also being interviewed by Andrew Patterson. Most of the questions that Mr Patterson asked him was about school and how he felt when he started college.

One of the most inspirational quotes that Raenan had given was; "Take advantage of the opportunities in front of you". This was something that he learnt from Mr Patterson during the last four years that they've bonded or known each other.

Raenan shared with us his biggest goal that he kept with him since his first year in college. Which was to become the head boy in year thirteen at Tamaki College. In their school prize giving he got the job of being deputy head boy for 2018.

Today's speech has inspired me to do my best in school and to hold on to my life goals. After the speech that we were given today I will make sure to grasp any opportunities that come my way and make the most of them.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Time Word Problems

Walt: use our known strategies to work out time lapse problems

It's week eight and there's only this week and next week left of school! For this weeks task our teacher only gave us four equations and they were about time.

 Here is an example of the questions that we was given to us; Julius walked to Elijah's house at 10 a.m to spend the day with him. It is a 15-minute walk from his house to Elijah's house. As Julius was making his way out he stopped to help a little girl to get her cat out of a tree which took 10-mins. What time did Julius reach Elijah's house?

If you can solve this problem please leave a comment and share your thoughts on what you think the answer might be.

Perspectives and Opinions

Walt: I am able to identify the ideas opinions of author and share my own in comparison 

For the past few weeks in literacy our class have been focusing on the perspectives of authors and writing our own opinions to compare with the authors. If you go through this presentation you will find that I have agreed with all the articles that I read.