Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Holiday Highhlight

MY Holiday
What a cool holiday I had. During the school break I was at my cousins house. Everything I did there wasn't that bad, it was a nightmare! I always got bullied by my little cousin. What I mostly did was play on the playstation
and the trampoline.

I was supposed to stay there for a week, but instead I left on Friday. When I came home everything was different. There was a lot more space than before. My mum told me that they had cleaned the house.

I missed everyone in the house because I haven't been seeing for almost a week.  I felt so sorry for my little sister because she got even more bullied than I was. She mostly cried when we were there because she can be a bit sensitive. The next holiday I go to my cousins I don't get bullied by her.


Did you know that the difference of triathlon and tryathlon?
The difference between triathlon and tryathlon is that triathlon is for adults in the olympics and tryathlon is for kids just to try it out if they want.