Monday, 30 November 2015

Experiencing The Google Cardboard

Have you experienced the new google cardboard? Well I have but if you haven’t I’ll tell you a bit about it. It’s a really cool device that you could use to view places and it feels like you are actually there.

At school in our maths classes we were lucky enough to have experienced this device. What it is, is a cardboard with magnifying glass on it and a smart phone in the inside. On the screen of the smartphone there is a line between it and it’s like two screens but in one phone.

We got to explore many different places but mostly underwater looking at different sea creatures. One of the other places we got to see was Cambodia. Buildings in Cambodia are made of a kind of stone called sandstone.

Now you know what google cardboard is and what it does. It’s a really cool device used for exploring places but in just one place. Try it out!

Problem Solving

Walt: work with ratios and proportions

This week we have been learning about ratios. In ratios we have to find the highest common factor to find the answer.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

8 Bit Art Adaptation Animal

We had to create an adapting animal and I made an Eagle.  

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Chocolate Game

Today in literacy class we played the chocolate game. It was Mr S’s first day back and it was amazing. Our class was really small so most of us got a turn at having some chocolate and heaps of it! A few people had more than the rest of the class.

To play this game we had to have a dice, costumes, knife, fork, and chocolate. The dice was used to roll and whenever somebody rolled a six they had to put on the costume and cut the chocolate with the knife and fork to eat with. We got one turn rolling the dice at a time. Before we got to eat the chocolate we had to wear the costume.

Firstly we were really slow and bad at the game but when we were in the middle we got faster at playing and rolling sixes. Some of us had really short turns because whenever it was their turn to eat the chocolate, somebody would roll a six straight away and they had to sit back down. Some of us rolled a six more than once and got a little bit of chocolate and others rolled a six only once or twice but they had a ton of chocolate because of how fast they ate.

My favourite part of this game was eating the chocolate and dressing up. Now that you know how to play the game you can play it with your family and friends in any special occasion you have.

P.E.S Survivors

PES Survivors!!!

This terms new topic is PES Survivors. As part of our topic team four are learning about animals, their habitats and how they can adapt. We are also learning about endangered animals and how to keep them safe.

One of the reasons why animals are becoming endangered or extinct is because people are littering and cutting down too many trees from forests just for paper. As they cut these trees they leave tree stumps and animals who were in those forests have no food or home anymore. Fish also are becoming endangered because of us humans who are getting to many fish from the sea to make money out of, and some of the fish they don’t even need. Who could be next, humans?

About 65 million years ago before me and you were born,dinosaurs became extinct. At that time a gigantic asteroid crashed into earth and caused terrible changes to the earth and also killed all the dinosaurs. Scientists are still studying dinosaur bones that are found in the ground.

Adaptation is important for whenever you go camping. So next time you go on any camp make sure to adapt by, drink heaps of water, hunt for food to stay strong.