Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Migration Model

This migration model shows the process by which the flow of migration is happening between two countries. There are two names for each flow which is the mainstream flow and the counterstream flow. The mainstream flow is when people leave their place of origin whereas the counterstream flow is when they return to their place of origin after going to their place of destination. 

Usually, there is always a reason why people want to leave their place of origin. There are negative and positive reasons why people would want to migrate. The pull reason is the negative reason by which people would migrate. For example, they might not be getting good pay for work in their own homeland or they could be living in poverty. And the positive reasons are when they are attracted to the things in other countries which make them want to migrate to that new place.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Bake Bean Bread Cases

baked beans bread cases from

Today in food tech with Mrs Tuipulotu; we made Bake Bean Bread Cases. Here is the recipe to which we needed to make our product. Bread, Baked Beans, and, cheese. We needed to cut the crusts off the bread and lay them in the muffin trays. Each bread consists of 1 tablespoon of baked beans and then we had to top it up with grated cheese.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018


Another delicious recipe we learned in food tech was a recipe to make an omelet. There were five main elements which were all the ingredients to make our omelet. They were, eggs (of course), red onions, capsicum, bacon, and cheese. One element that really stood out in my creation was the onions which I did not like. In some areas, the onions really overpowered the rest of the elements and so that was the only unpleasant part of my meal.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Banana Muffins

We're back from our public holiday and in our two last periods for today; our teacher guided us through the process of making banana muffins. Every Tuesday's and Thursday's, in period 5 and 6 or just 6; we come into food tech with our tutor teacher and learn a new recipe for a new product we're making. Today my partner and I were successful in baking our banana muffins because as you can probably see; they look beautiful. 

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Food Tech

Today in food technology with Mrs Tuipulotu we learnt her way of making quiche. It was very different from the recipe I had already learnt before. I also wasn't really satisfied with the outcome of our creation. Some of the quiche didn't have a right balance of eggs and bacon in it which wasn't satisfying. Next time my partner and I need to work on keeping each element equal and balanced so that the outcome would be delicious.

My Educational Journey

Image result for tokelau atoll

It’s come to the end of my educational journey in Fiji, and am really excited to arrive back here in Tokelau. Since my departure from Tokelau to Fiji, there's been a lot of modernisation here. For example, now our house is being powered by solar, and so we’re getting electricity 24/7. My parents even decided to buy new technology.

Above all that, due to the sea levels rising, there's been some changes made in order for us to be safe and we’ve had to adapt to it by building our house on stilts to prevent our house from getting wet. Our neighbours even built sea-walls around some areas of the island.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

'Learning to Cater'

Today in 5th and 6th period our class had food tech. In this class we made chocolate muffins. To make the muffins we had to follow our three rules which is, to follow instructions, read the ingredients and measure ingredients correctly.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

SOS Concepts

Image result for modernisation
Image result for globalisation

This week in social studies I learnt several new concepts. One concept was globalisation. Globalisation is the the act of an event going internationally viral. For example many brands and companies get a lot of publicity or public influence in the world. This shows that the company is very wealthy and entertaining.

 Another concept that stood out for me out of the many concepts was; modernisation. Modernisation in my own words is when things become modern and modernisation is really for the present time. E.g we would call the present time the modern days because of modernisation and the growth of technology throughout the years.

Friday, 6 April 2018


WALA: the different types of printing techniques and each of their processes

One of the focused things we did in art this term was learning about the types of printings. Of all the eight printing types we researched; we had only ever got to do the woodcut process. I would really like to share with you my experience in pursuing the Woodcut process with the rest of my class. Check out my blog regularly for any posts.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Made in Taiwan

Walt: write a detailed summary of a documentary called 'Made in Taiwan'
Image result for made in taiwan documentary

Nathan and Oscar are two men who travelled to various countries; in search of clues to the locations that their ancestors might have come from. Before they went on their journey they took throat swabs to be tested so that they could receive information about their ancestors.
They visited four countries and found so many similarities between the tangata whenua (people of that land) in comparison to the Maori people. For example; Rarotongans speak quite a similar language as they do, whereas the Taiwanese people look as if their Maori. Even the female wear moko-like prints on their face as a Taiwanese tradition.
One of the most significant experiences in their trip was getting to be in an archaeological dig for the very first time. This was an important part of their journey because they got to see an old human skeleton and had learnt that every single skeleton that was found underground there had no skulls. That meant that the people who buried the bodies had revisited the graves and disposed their skulls.  
Another great experience that they had in Vanuatu was learning about the Lapita pottery. Getting to see and touch this ancient object was quite fascinating for Oscar; it was very exciting to be holding what our ancestors might have used or eaten from in the past thought Oscar. Looking at the patterns really unlocked where the Samoan patterns might’ve come from. They were really similar to the patterns on Oscars arm and he had seen them before on the Samoan Tapa cloth.
The two most important places that they had stopped off at was Samoa and Mahia in Aotearoa. These places were important because this is where they went to reveal their envelopes to their families. This is also where they found out where there parents come from and who they were descended from.
Overall, it was a terrific trip for Nathan and Oscar. They found their journey quite successful because they accomplished what they had gone to do. They travelled to numerous countries and enjoyed looking and learning about each of the countries history.  

Monday, 26 February 2018

Current Events

Walt: read and write about a current event

Title of Story : Nico Porteous and Zoi Sadowski-Synnott
react to their bronze medal wins Date of Article : 22/02/18   
Do Now : Term that you don’t understand (choose 4)

A view or opinion that is held or expressed
Having the qualities of surrealism; bizarre
Completely fascinated or absorbed by
what one is seeing or hearing

Read the story and answer the questions below
Topic / Subject of the Story ;
New Zealand skier’s
Nico and Zoi getting bronze medals
Where is this story based ?

(local, regional, national, international )
The story is about two 16 year-old
New Zealanders getting bronze medals for
skiing. The event is based on the Olympics.
Why is this story in the news?

 Eg is it a story of conflict ? Natural disaster ?
Interesting or Unusual ? Shocking ? Tragedy ?
Controversy ? Humour ? Overcoming ? Victory ?
etc    (Give a reason why ) The news is about
their victory in the olympics and their big
achievements at a young age.

Who are the individuals or groups
involved in the story ?
.Bronze medalist in the men's halfpipe Nico Porteous, of New Zealand, smiles during the medals ceremony. Photo / APBronze medalist in the women's Big Air snowboard Zoi Sadowski-Synnott. Photo / AP
Write down 4 facts from the story

  • Nico Porteous vomited multiple times before his run at skiing.
  • Zoi Sadowski-Synnott & Nico were the youngest medal receivers.
  • Both of these athletes represent New Zealand in the Olympics
  • Nico and Zoi’s scores were around the same digit’s with Nico at 94.8 and Zoi’s at 92

Give two points of views
mentioned in the story ?

For Nico’s run he was really shocked at his score and he described his experience as “insane” and “crazy”.

Zoi’s coach said that it was an exceptional day for New Zealand and was really rapt with how everything went.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Future Me

In careers we've been learning about ourselves and what our interests, abilities and skills are. After we learnt about ourselves and what we wanted to do for our future, we had to create this 'vision board'. As you can probably see, a vision board shows what your good at, what your ethnic background is, where you see yourself in the future & basically your vision for your future. Can you figure or learn something about me by looking at my vision board?