Thursday, 10 December 2015

Expeience Of Bees With Rose

Have you ever seen a beehive before? Well luckily for us year 5 & 6 extensioners 0 got to see one and learn about bees with a lady called Rose.

Information From Rose
Rose told us many different things about bees and their hive. Here are some information of what she said or what we learnt from her. Bees can fly three miles but if there is food ahead they would fly even further. Worker bees can make up half of a teaspoon of honey in their lifetime.

The Enemies Of Bees
The German Wasp and the Varroa Mite are like enemies or a threat to bees. Paper Wasps and German Wasps are similar but the Paper Wasps don’t kill bees. German Wasps can damage our fruit and kill bees so the beekeepers try their best to protect the bees from them especially from Varroa Mites that suck the bees blood or juice from its neck.

We had tons of fun with Rose and the bees, so remember when you around bees do not push on it. Have fun with bees!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Kawau Journey Poster

It was a long trip to Camp Bentzon. We had to travel there by two transport's, two buses and a ferry. When we got there it was nearly 12:00 so it took us nearly 4 hours to get there.

Fixing Up My Animal's Habitat

Seini - Animal Habitat Fix Up from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
This terms topic was about surviving and it is called Pes Survivors. As part of our topic we had to create an animation about an animal in the wrong habitat then fixing it up. Here is my short animation of my animal habitat fixing up.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Jonah Lomu's Death

Have you heard about a man called Jonah Lomu? Well if you don’t know him at all here is what I know about him.

When I heard the news I was shocked and I couldn’t believe it. Jonah Lomu was the youngest All Black player ever and he set the record in this world for rugby. His family sobbed in tears as he no longer lives any further.

He died on the 28th of November and his memorial was held at eden park. There was a really special performance for Jonah and his family on that day. His funeral started on the 1st of December and it’s still running till today.

Now you know about this special man and can tell others about him too. We will remember this special New Zealander and treasure him in our hearts.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Trip To Camp Bentzon

A few weeks ago year 6’s at Pt England School visited Camp Bentzon for 3 nights and 4 days. It was the best time of our lives and we had tons fun. We especially enjoyed eating heaps of nice food.  

It was a long trip, first we took the bus to Sandspit and then we took the ferry from then on to Camp Bentzon. Once we got there we took all big bags to the shade and set off for our hike. During our hike we came to a place with a big pile of stones.

At camp there were many different activities that we did and my three favourites were; Abseiling, Confidence Course and Sailing. There were also night activities; Movie night, Spotlight and Concert night.

We were split into four teams; Katz, Kawau, Mansion and Bentzon but there were A’s and B’s for each team. On the concert night we all the teams got a turn at performing their items fortunately Mansion won, Katz and Bentzon came second and Kawau came last. I was in Katz we were named after the ferry that we went on.

Now you can experience how fun Camp Bentzon is if you could ever go there. Have Fun!



Monday, 30 November 2015

Experiencing The Google Cardboard

Have you experienced the new google cardboard? Well I have but if you haven’t I’ll tell you a bit about it. It’s a really cool device that you could use to view places and it feels like you are actually there.

At school in our maths classes we were lucky enough to have experienced this device. What it is, is a cardboard with magnifying glass on it and a smart phone in the inside. On the screen of the smartphone there is a line between it and it’s like two screens but in one phone.

We got to explore many different places but mostly underwater looking at different sea creatures. One of the other places we got to see was Cambodia. Buildings in Cambodia are made of a kind of stone called sandstone.

Now you know what google cardboard is and what it does. It’s a really cool device used for exploring places but in just one place. Try it out!

Problem Solving

Walt: work with ratios and proportions

This week we have been learning about ratios. In ratios we have to find the highest common factor to find the answer.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

8 Bit Art Adaptation Animal

We had to create an adapting animal and I made an Eagle.  

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Chocolate Game

Today in literacy class we played the chocolate game. It was Mr S’s first day back and it was amazing. Our class was really small so most of us got a turn at having some chocolate and heaps of it! A few people had more than the rest of the class.

To play this game we had to have a dice, costumes, knife, fork, and chocolate. The dice was used to roll and whenever somebody rolled a six they had to put on the costume and cut the chocolate with the knife and fork to eat with. We got one turn rolling the dice at a time. Before we got to eat the chocolate we had to wear the costume.

Firstly we were really slow and bad at the game but when we were in the middle we got faster at playing and rolling sixes. Some of us had really short turns because whenever it was their turn to eat the chocolate, somebody would roll a six straight away and they had to sit back down. Some of us rolled a six more than once and got a little bit of chocolate and others rolled a six only once or twice but they had a ton of chocolate because of how fast they ate.

My favourite part of this game was eating the chocolate and dressing up. Now that you know how to play the game you can play it with your family and friends in any special occasion you have.

P.E.S Survivors

PES Survivors!!!

This terms new topic is PES Survivors. As part of our topic team four are learning about animals, their habitats and how they can adapt. We are also learning about endangered animals and how to keep them safe.

One of the reasons why animals are becoming endangered or extinct is because people are littering and cutting down too many trees from forests just for paper. As they cut these trees they leave tree stumps and animals who were in those forests have no food or home anymore. Fish also are becoming endangered because of us humans who are getting to many fish from the sea to make money out of, and some of the fish they don’t even need. Who could be next, humans?

About 65 million years ago before me and you were born,dinosaurs became extinct. At that time a gigantic asteroid crashed into earth and caused terrible changes to the earth and also killed all the dinosaurs. Scientists are still studying dinosaur bones that are found in the ground.

Adaptation is important for whenever you go camping. So next time you go on any camp make sure to adapt by, drink heaps of water, hunt for food to stay strong.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: find a fraction of a number

This week again we've been learning to find a fraction of a number.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My PES School Logo

What could you do to change your school logo?
This is what it would look like if I had the choice to change our school logo the PT England Way where we use different kinds of technology.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: find a fraction of a number

This week  in maths we started of learning to find a fraction of a number.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: find equivalent fractions
Walt: find a fraction of a number

This week there were two Walt's but there were only one of them that we used in the presentation, that Walt was find a fraction of a number.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Production Writings

Reflection Cindy In Da House!!

22nd, 23rd, and 24th Cindy In DA House was performed by Pt England school to all those who attended to one of these three night in the school hall. The theme was Cindy In DA House because it was Cinderella but G.I styles.   

What I liked about the production was that they made their own really cool version about Cinderella. My favourite part was when Mr. Jacobsen rapped in the production he was going so fast I couldn’t understand what he was saying. The funny thing to me was that they used slippers as their glass slipper.

This year's production was the best production so far for me. Even though I wasn’t in the production I thought it was really cool. I’m looking forward for the next production that we have and hoping to be in it that time.  


Review Cindy In DA House!!

Cindy In Da House was our theme for the 2015 Pt England school production. It was held in our very own school hall from the 22nd of September to the 24th from to The production included singing, dancing and acting, it was our own version of Cinderella.

On Monday before the production we had a matinee, the matinee is the production but instead of the night show it was at 12 o’clock. For the matinee we invited other schools and kinder gardeners. Luckily for all those in school who didn’t see the production it was performed in assembly.

In the production there were mostly acting and dancing. The whole thing was pretty much the same as Cinderella but instead of a glass slipper they used slippers. Ana Va'afusuaga was Cindy and the prince was Semi Aho Masters and his name in the production was Josh.

Holiday Highlight

Friday of the holidays I had a great time with all the kids from my church at ‘Paradise Ice Skating’ in Pakuranga. At first I tripped a few times but then I was getting the hang of it. It was the first time I've ever been ice skating but I was already a pro at ice skating.

Everyday you normally wear your normal shoes but for some occasions we wear different kinds such as ice skates. Ice skates are similar to roller skates but instead of wheels it's a thin knife-like blade that you use only for skating on ice. Using ice skates were new for me especially when I was skating on the ice with it.

Learning to skate is easier than you think it is. To start off you put your feet shaped as a V then you push with whichever foot you feel comfortable with then you do the other leg and after that all over again and there you go you’ve learnt to skate. When you are about to fall don’t hold on to anyone because it just makes it worse, try your best to be steady and calm.

During the holidays there were many other fun things that I did but I wrote about my favourite part witch was ice skating. Next holidays I’m hoping to go somewhere I’ve never been to like rainbow’s end.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Production Reflection

Cindy In DA House!!
Cindy In DA House was our theme for the 2015 Pt England school production. It was held in our very own school hall from the 22nd of September to the 24th. On Monday before the production we had a matinee, the matinee is the production but instead of the night show it was at 12 o’clock. For the matinee we invited other schools and kinder gardeners. Luckily for those in school who didn’t see the production it was performed in assembly again for the school.

What I liked about the production was that they made their own really cool version about Cinderella. My favorite part was when Mr. Jacobsen rapped in the production he was going so fast I couldn’t understand what he was saying. The funny thing to me was that they used slippers as their glass slipper.

This year's production was the best production so far for me. Even though I wasn’t in the production I thought it was really cool. I’m looking forward for the next production that we have and hoping to be in it that time.  

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Cross Country

Thirsty and tired everyone felt the same because of one really hard activity. Pt England School has had their cross country a few weeks ago and after it happened everyone was exhausted. Some people had a really hard time running so they either stopped and walked some of them even cried and slipped over too.

To school we normally where our uniforms but in cross country we wore our house colors. At Pt England we have house colors that we use for groups. In special days like cross country or athletics we wear our house colors.  

During cross country I kept encouraging myself to keep on going. There were only a few people that I passed in the cross country. While I was running I couldn’t breath and I could taste blood. Luckily after the run we got to have a drink of water and that saved my life!

In cross country there wasn’t a time I ever stopped moving my feet. Some people fell over, stopped for a break and most just wanted to get over with it. It was only a few times that I had to walk in cross country because I had to catch my breath.

One of my favorite parts of the cross country was when it was over, I also liked watching and encouraging the other students who were running. Next time I am hoping not to ever stop to walk and just keep on going. I am really looking forward for the next cross country and I’m hoping to be in the top 3.  

Friday, 18 September 2015

An Interview With Craig

Walt: find information and use this in an empathetic way

An Interview With Craig from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
In the past few weeks I have been editing and fixing up this amazing movie. I have really enjoyed this fun activity.

A Special Market Day

Walt: write an interesting and detailed recount

Image result for trade and enterprise

This term our topic is Trade & Enterprise. Trade & Enterprise is about creating and selling products. Most of the children in team four have become rich because of our market day.

We had a market day at school so that we could have a fun activity selling and buying products. In the market I was in a business called custom stationery. Me and my business partners, Rosalina & Venetia were selling maths book covers because at school all our maths books look the same.

Before we got started in the market some of the business groups decided to decorate their classes. Room six, seven and eight decorated their classes with a string that has colorful triangles on them. My business, custom stationery were set up in room six because our teacher was Mr Goodwin.

In the market not just team four was there were visitors from Christchurch who came with pt’s and pcs. They got the chance to buy product from us with the money they got. Unfortunately they came in the second half and all the product were nearly gone.

The market was really fun even when we got to buy from other business groups. I liked buying from all the groups but I liked kitchen the most. I could tell that most of the other students liked kitchen best because it was almost sold out.

The market was really fun! I am really looking forward to the surprise our teachers are planning for us. We are all hoping to be able to spend all our money on really cool things.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Problem Solving

Walt:multiply and divide decimals by whole numbers
For this week I have learnt to add and subtract decimals. I found this weeks problem solving easy and hard.

Problem Solving

Walt:multiply and divide decimals by the power of ten

This week I have learnt how to go backwards in directions. I have enjoyed this because it was really easy and fun for me.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: multiply and divide decimal numbers

This week the question I worked out was really tricky but I managed to give it a go and try an answer. My answer was 67.2 but I wasn't sure if it was correct. If you would like please have a go on trying to solve this problem and comment it below.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: multiply and divide decimal numbers

This week we are learning to multiply and divide decimals. It was a bit tricky and confusing for me because but I really had fun solving it.
Here's link to my partners blog.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Fitness Watch Advice

Walt: think critically about what we read.

This week our literacy class did something quiet different. We had to create an advice presentation helping those who find it hard to choose over a Garmin or a Fit bit or does not know anything about it.

Trade And Enterprise

Walt: add one main idea per paragraph

This term we are learning about Trade and Enterprise. Trade and enterprise is about creating and selling products. We have been split into 6 different business groups to learn about what it takes to be a businessman or women.

As part of our topic we had a trade fair. A trade fair is similar to a market but in a trade fair you order things and you get given the product later on. Sometimes in a trade fair only a few things are sold straight away like a market.

At school all our maths books looked the same so me and my friends decided to take orders for math book covers. Unfortunately in the trade fair we only had 7 customers. The cost of our product was 2pt and 50pcs.

Our teachers have created a new kind of currency for us. Current is another way of saying money. Our currency is called PTs and Pieces. There are four toucans that are green, blue, white and red. The green toucan is 2pt, the blue toucan is 1pt, the white toucan is 50pcs and the red toucan is 20pcs. 1pt is worth 2 New Zealand dollars, 2pt is worth 4 New Zealand dollars, 50pcs is worth 1 New Zealand dollar and 20pcs is worth 40 cents. Everyday we come to school we earn 20pcs.

I’m really looking forward to our market day coming up in week 8! I hope to have more customers than I did in the trade fair.

Thursday, 20 August 2015


We are still working with decimals this week and it is getting a little easier for me.


This week we have been working with decimals. We learnt how to add and subtract decimals what I learnt was not to subtract add.

Problem Solving

Walt: multiply and divide whole numbers

This week we are learning to multiply and divide whole numbers.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Character Description

Walt: find specific evidence in the text

This week we have been describing a character named Kynan. He is a main character that is from the text 'Kynan's Positive & Negative.'

Thursday, 13 August 2015


This is the second week of term 3 and we have still been learning more about decimals. Decimals are equivalent to fractions.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


This term we are focusing on adding and subtracting decimals.

Problem Solving

Walt: add and subtract decimals

One of my problems in this presentation I used a different way of solving the problem. I used a table.

If I had a million dollars at the mall

Yeah guess what just happened to me I looked into my school bag and I had 1 million dollars. This would be so fun because I would buy anything I ever wanted and anything for my family, friends and things for poor people. Unfortunately I have to spend it all at the mall in just one day.

One of the shops I would go to is toy world. I wouldn’t go to toy world because of myself I would buy my family and friends things they wanted. For example my youngest sister always wanted a dollhouse with dolls in them and my older sister likes big teddy bears so that's what I would buy.

JB HIFI would be an awesome store to buy things from. At JB HIFI I would buy my big sister a phone and a laptop for school because she broke her old laptop and lost her old phone. Other things I would buy are gifts for cousins like tablets.

At food court I’d buy a meal from every store. First I would give food to people who don’t have any food like people on the streets.  Then I would invite everybody I know and I’d have a big feast to celebrate that day.  

My favorite part of spending it at the mall is spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy sharing with others and buying gifts. I think it would be a good use of money because some of it also was spent on poor people.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Biodiversity Project

Seini - Biodiversity Project from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
This is my extension biodiversity project. I am explaining biodiversity and there are two endangered animals that I am going to be comparing.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Problem solving

Walt: add and subtract decimals

This week my we have still been learning about decimals. We can use many different strategies for solving problems in adding and subtracting decimals. In this presentation one of my stratigies were 0.07 - 0.04 = 0.03 + 0.4 = 0.43 because the question was 0.47 - 0.04.

Friday, 31 July 2015

My Job Application & CV

Walt:create a curriculum vitae
To whom it may concern,

Bank Teller
I’m applying for the position of bank teller. This job is perfect for me because I am an organised person and is able to learn things quickly.

I think I am perfect for this job because I’m an honest person who people can really trust. For example one day in school I found 20 pcs that Mr Goodwin dropped but he didn’t know. I picked it up and gave it to him and he gave me 50 pcs back to me for being honest. I am a sensible person and can do my job perfectly.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your sincerely

Letter of reference
I believe that Seini is an honest and trustworthy person that you can trust to be a bank teller. Seini is the person you want to have to be a bank teller because she is an oriented person and she comes on time. By Waimaria

                                                 MY CV:

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Ski trip

Walt: read and use new vocab

This week we read text about a character named Anthony who raise's money for a ski trip thier class they were going on. We created poster's for Anthony so that he could get payed for doing things for people.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: add and subtract decimals
Again this week we have been focusing on adding and subtracting decimals. Here are one of the solutions I did last week. On Monday, Lanzie walked 6.9 kilometres. On Tuesday, he walked 1.9 kilometres less than he had walked on Monday. How far did Lanzie walk on Tuesday?I think it is 5.0 for example if you were to add 1.9 to something to get to 6.9 it is 5.0.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: add and subtract decimals

This week we are learning how to add and subtract decimals. In this presentation there are two problems that we have to solve. Here are one of the problems: 0.1+0.7=? one way you can solve this is 7+1=8 but you just add the dot before the number.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Bowling in Manukau

Imagem Vetorial Gratis: Pinos,Ten-pin bowling12 tenpin bowling shoes
On Friday night in the second week of the holidays the kids in our church had a night out at bowling in Manukau. It was my first time bowling but I was really confident in playing. Have you ever been bowling before?

First it was really fun then I got tired of playing because most of the balls were heavy for me to carry. When we played we had to wear special shoes so the floor doesn't get scratched from our own shoes. We got to play to rounds, in each round we go ten turns. There were many other games like pool table and machine games too. Once we all finished playing we went to our pastors house to have some pizza and some fizzy drinks before we all went back home.

Once we all finished playing we went to our pastors house to have some pizza and some fizzy drinks before we all went back home. While we ate our pizza we watched television. That night when I went home I fell straight to sleep because on that day before we went bowling I also played at the park which made me extra tired.
My favorite part of that night was when we ate pizza and drinks because I was starving while we were bowling. I wasn't really thirsty though because I already drank at bowling. I really love that part of my holiday because it was really fun.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Game Animation (Term 2)

WALT: Create an animation with detail

Seini Game Animation from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This term I have been working hard on this animation. I hope that I have put in detail and achieved my goal. I hope you enjoyed and make sure to tell me how I went.

Tinkering tools and toys

Walt: explain our thinking and understanding

The topic this term is ‘Tinkering tools and toys’ which means we have been using a lot of tools and toys this term. Every week part of the school go to a place called Maker space where we create wood things using tools to complete them. We worked in pairs of two to get our project done fast.

What I like about this activity you get to learn how to use new tools you’ve never seen and teach others how to use it. While creating my game with my partner the hammer was used really often. What I didn’t like about this task was that when you use the hammer you always get hurt when you are holding the nail and hammering.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Make a definition

Walt: understand and use new vocabulary

This week we have been learning to make our own definition using words from the text called 'Rising Seas.' I really found it easy and hope to make one again.

Problem Solving

Walt: Use fractions
This week we have still been focusing on fractions. I haven't learnt anything this week at all in this task but I have learnt many thing about fractions this whole term. 

Take a closer look

This week we have been learning about scientist and what they do when they look at things. When they look at thing they don't just look at it they actually look really close this is called observation. Click here to view our padlet we made as a group.  

Be Sun smart

Today is really hot. Its summer time. The sun can burn you. You could get burnt if you don’t wear sunscreen or even a hat in the sun.

Do you want to be sun smart? Then you must wear sunscreen in the sun. Using sunscreen can help us. Sunscreen is helpful for our skin because it helps stop the sun from burning us. 

Hats are one of an important gear to wear in the sun because it covers our heads from the sun. You can get burnt even on cloudy days. I have many hats. In school we wear hats in summer time to protect our heads and faces from getting burnt in the sun.

Now you know how to keep safe in the sun. Remember you can still get sunburned even when it's cloudy. Keep on using these tips and you will not get burnt.

Monday, 29 June 2015

How to make a poppy

WALT: give step by step instructions of how to make a poppy

A few week ago we made poppy's with Ms Tito. But now we have finished and we decided to teach others to make one for them self. 

Friday, 26 June 2015

Educreation Learning

This week I have learnt how to subtract fractions. For example 8/12 - 5/12 = 3/12 because the denominator is the same number so you leave it the same. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Mixture of complex and simple sentences

We have learnt to write complex and simple sentences. For example complex: The sun can burn you and you could get skin cancer if you don’t protect your skin. Simple: The sun can burn you. 

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


This week we have learnt to add and subtract fractions for maths. This is a way that could help you, so if the denominator is the same then it just stays as it is or if the. For example 7/14 + 2/14 = 9/14 because 14 stays the same  and you only add up the numerator.   

Problem Solving Week 10

Walt: add and subtract fractions

This week we're still focusing on fractions. But we are learning something different this time. 

This week I have learnt to add and subtract fractions. For example 1/8 + 5/8 = 6/8 or 3/4 because if the denominator is the same number then it stays as it is. So that's how I know it is 6/8, but if its in simplest from then the answer is 3/4.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Designing a playground

This week one of our task for reading was to make a design a playground for our school. We made Google forms and people filled it in for us.

 During this activity I have learnt to make a Google form. Not only that but also how to change the backgrounds in it.   

Explaining my game

The game I made is called Spike Strike because it’s a place filled with lots of spikes. During rainy some people had nothing to do so we decided to make side scrolling games for people to play.

My lead character is Sponge-bob, his mission is to find the crabby patty formula that has been stolen. He needs to get to the end of the game with the formula where he will see all his friends and receive a big reward from Mr Crab.   

One of Sponge-bob’s biggest challenges is when he’s trying to defeat Plankton who had stolen the formula and try’s to take it from him. It was hard for Sponge-bob because Plankton was much smarter than him and he knew what to do to Sponge-bob. While he was fighting Plankton he lost two lives and then he only had one left before he was vanished.

Luckily Sponge-bob had the ability to shoot blazer eyes. So before Plankton could do something cruel to Sponge-bob he shot one at him and ran off with the formula. The reward from Mr Crab for was a female snail and new spatula.

Creating an introduction - week 7

Walt: write an engaging introduction

 My Introduction: Brr that must be freezing, I wouldn't want to start my day in ice cold water. I was at a lake I saw a man with no clothes but shorts jumping into cold water. Ah Standing shivery in the lake I was really damp and cold what a disaster. Someone had pushed me into the water without me noticing.

My next Introduction: Freezing cold water, a normal man, put them together you get winter man. Have you heard of winter man before? I wonder if winter man is cold in summer or hot like every one else.

The task this week for writing is to write an introduction about an image of a man jumping into cold water. First we had to write our own introduction then when we finished we have to use someone else's sentence beginning to write a second introduction.