Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

The title for our topic this term is called ‘as i see it’. Titles usually begin with a capital letter but since we are learning about different kinds of art, Mr Jacobsen created his own piece of art where you don’t have to follow the actual rules but make your own just like the title.

First we were accompanied by a movie from team 1, it was based on what their favourite things were and as part of what we are learning this term they’d use all their favourite things and make it into of art.

Team 2’s movie was about all four of the different seasons, spring, summer, winter and autumn. Ms Nalder - Spring, Ms Tumahai - Autumn, Ms Eadie - Winter and Ms  They spotted out all of the colours of the seasons and how they can make it into art using hot colours and light colours.

Team 3 teachers created a movie about building their dream house. There were five people that met each other on facebook and they lived in the dream house. Mr Blakey talked about the relationship between the house and the people.

The ‘Teacher Avengers’ in team 4 are reading comics and creating their own as well. There were three superhero’s in the ‘Teacher Avengers’; Team Leader America, Wondering Woman and Bat Guy. Two amateur hero’s tried to defeat the evil Bear Baxendine but failed until the Teacher Avengers rescued them and defeated Bear Baxendine.

This term my team, team 5 are going to be learning about the four wakas and their meanings. Hikianalia represents the stars, Hokule’a represents our ancestors, Hine Moana is the ocean and Te Aurere represents blood, sweat and tears.

I am looking forward to learning about the wakas and things don’t already know about it.

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