Thursday, 19 May 2016

i luminate

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Last Tuesday a few people from an amazing and really talented dance group came and performed to Pt England. The name of their group was ‘i luminate’ the actual word is illuminate it means making darkness brighter. They came all the way from the USA to perform at schools in New Zealand. Only three people were able to come and perform for us their names are; Mat the tall one with the checked shirt, Danny the other male and Lisa the female.

As I sat in the hall and watched them in amazement while they had their costume on I wondered what they looked like without it on. When they removed their costume at the end of the show I could see which was which. The choreography of their performance was really spectacular & their attitude of when they danced was enthusiastic and on point.

When ‘i luminate’ performed to us they wore special costumes that could turn on & off during their dance routine. Their costumes were able to do this because it was programmed by something called LED. LED is like a computer chip that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it.

I really enjoyed their performance and I hope that next time they come they would be able to come with more of the crew. Here is a short clip of them dancing.

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