Wednesday, 22 April 2015

My Special Holiday

File:Swimming pool underwater
      Hey would you like to hear about my special holiday well here it goes. On the second week of the school holiday’s my family went to the Glen Innes pools. We swam for a very long time and we kept on going into different sized pools. When we were swimming my parents were taking photo’s of us.

I spent most of my time swimming in the big pool because my family was in that pool playing lots of water games. While we were all in the big pool I saw Hare and her son Hendrix swimming together.  I spent some time in the tiny pool with my younger sister who’s only six years old because she couldn’t reach the ground in the other pools.   

When all of us got bored of being in the big pool we shifted to the medium sized pool. I really enjoyed being in the medium sized pool because when me and my sister’s went into the water my younger sister would keep laughing when we saw her under water.

Next we got out and had some snacks and some sandwiches and also a drink before we went back into the water. When we went back in we played passes in the water. My favourite part of going to the pools was watching my little sister laugh underwater and also listening to her laugh. I hope the next holiday I would do something with my family again but in a different place.


  1. Seini
    We are writing recounts about the holidays in our class in Taranaki and I love all the detail and information that you have put into your post. I am going to use it as an exemplar (an example) and show your writing to my classroom in the next block before we start writing. I think you've put some fantastic detail into your writing about where it takes place and explained really well about the pools and all the things that you did. I'll be back with my class of students shortly.

    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki

  2. Seini
    We have had a big discussion in class about your post and used it as a model for our writing. We had some questions - is the photo that goes with your recount a picture of the actual pool where you went swimming. We had a discussion in class about whether it was deep enough as a pool (or too deep) for a six year old. We thought that it might be the medium pool and Mr Webb (our teacher) even suggested that it wasn't a pool in Glen Innes at all that it was a image. We enjoyed your ending and how that you showed empathy for your sister we thought that was very nice.
    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki.

    1. Thank you all very much for visiting my blog and no the image that I used is not the actual pools that I went to it is just an example. Yes the medium sized pool and the big pool is too deep for my younger sister because she is quite short. Thanks for visiting my blog I would be happy to hear about your own holiday.

    2. Seini
      Thanks for answering our question, I will share it with our students on Tuesday, as we have a teacher only day today. We've got holiday recounts on our student blogs which can be reached by our class page.
      Mr Webb