Tuesday, 3 November 2015

P.E.S Survivors

PES Survivors!!!

This terms new topic is PES Survivors. As part of our topic team four are learning about animals, their habitats and how they can adapt. We are also learning about endangered animals and how to keep them safe.

One of the reasons why animals are becoming endangered or extinct is because people are littering and cutting down too many trees from forests just for paper. As they cut these trees they leave tree stumps and animals who were in those forests have no food or home anymore. Fish also are becoming endangered because of us humans who are getting to many fish from the sea to make money out of, and some of the fish they don’t even need. Who could be next, humans?

About 65 million years ago before me and you were born,dinosaurs became extinct. At that time a gigantic asteroid crashed into earth and caused terrible changes to the earth and also killed all the dinosaurs. Scientists are still studying dinosaur bones that are found in the ground.

Adaptation is important for whenever you go camping. So next time you go on any camp make sure to adapt by, drink heaps of water, hunt for food to stay strong.

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