Thursday, 10 December 2015

Expeience Of Bees With Rose

Have you ever seen a beehive before? Well luckily for us year 5 & 6 extensioners 0 got to see one and learn about bees with a lady called Rose.

Information From Rose
Rose told us many different things about bees and their hive. Here are some information of what she said or what we learnt from her. Bees can fly three miles but if there is food ahead they would fly even further. Worker bees can make up half of a teaspoon of honey in their lifetime.

The Enemies Of Bees
The German Wasp and the Varroa Mite are like enemies or a threat to bees. Paper Wasps and German Wasps are similar but the Paper Wasps don’t kill bees. German Wasps can damage our fruit and kill bees so the beekeepers try their best to protect the bees from them especially from Varroa Mites that suck the bees blood or juice from its neck.

We had tons of fun with Rose and the bees, so remember when you around bees do not push on it. Have fun with bees!

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