Monday, 22 June 2015

Creating an introduction - week 7

Walt: write an engaging introduction

 My Introduction: Brr that must be freezing, I wouldn't want to start my day in ice cold water. I was at a lake I saw a man with no clothes but shorts jumping into cold water. Ah Standing shivery in the lake I was really damp and cold what a disaster. Someone had pushed me into the water without me noticing.

My next Introduction: Freezing cold water, a normal man, put them together you get winter man. Have you heard of winter man before? I wonder if winter man is cold in summer or hot like every one else.

The task this week for writing is to write an introduction about an image of a man jumping into cold water. First we had to write our own introduction then when we finished we have to use someone else's sentence beginning to write a second introduction. 

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