Monday, 22 June 2015

Explaining my game

The game I made is called Spike Strike because it’s a place filled with lots of spikes. During rainy some people had nothing to do so we decided to make side scrolling games for people to play.

My lead character is Sponge-bob, his mission is to find the crabby patty formula that has been stolen. He needs to get to the end of the game with the formula where he will see all his friends and receive a big reward from Mr Crab.   

One of Sponge-bob’s biggest challenges is when he’s trying to defeat Plankton who had stolen the formula and try’s to take it from him. It was hard for Sponge-bob because Plankton was much smarter than him and he knew what to do to Sponge-bob. While he was fighting Plankton he lost two lives and then he only had one left before he was vanished.

Luckily Sponge-bob had the ability to shoot blazer eyes. So before Plankton could do something cruel to Sponge-bob he shot one at him and ran off with the formula. The reward from Mr Crab for was a female snail and new spatula.

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