Thursday, 15 October 2015

Holiday Highlight

Friday of the holidays I had a great time with all the kids from my church at ‘Paradise Ice Skating’ in Pakuranga. At first I tripped a few times but then I was getting the hang of it. It was the first time I've ever been ice skating but I was already a pro at ice skating.

Everyday you normally wear your normal shoes but for some occasions we wear different kinds such as ice skates. Ice skates are similar to roller skates but instead of wheels it's a thin knife-like blade that you use only for skating on ice. Using ice skates were new for me especially when I was skating on the ice with it.

Learning to skate is easier than you think it is. To start off you put your feet shaped as a V then you push with whichever foot you feel comfortable with then you do the other leg and after that all over again and there you go you’ve learnt to skate. When you are about to fall don’t hold on to anyone because it just makes it worse, try your best to be steady and calm.

During the holidays there were many other fun things that I did but I wrote about my favourite part witch was ice skating. Next holidays I’m hoping to go somewhere I’ve never been to like rainbow’s end.

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