Tuesday, 9 June 2015

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Everyday in school the year five, six and some year fours have a run for fitness. We usually go for our run before morning tea. We have to do only one lap but before it was two. Its like a marathon and if we don’t make it back to class before the bell rings for play time those people don’t get their food.

For some reason, I really like going for the run (but most people don’t). Those who don’t like the run say “It's to tiring” and walk while everyone else is running. I like the run because it makes me fit, healthy and strong, and I like being fit, healthy and strong. Some people have races and whoever would win they’d say “Haha I won you lost.” I just try my best and sometimes I also give myself goals for every run that we do.

Sometimes I encourage some people as I go past them and also run with them for a while. I’d really like people to encourage me because it is a really nice thing to do. Do you want people to encourage you in activities that you participate in?

         After I've finished running I always like to have a drink because my throat dries up all the time. I really don’t like it when my throat dries up because it always tastes like there’s blood in my mouth and it tastes disgusting. Sometimes I bring my own bottle to school so I wouldn’t have to walk to the drinking fountain.
I hope that you do fitness as well, so you can get fitter, healthier and stronger. I call our run the Mighty Run, because it can make me feel mightier than before we started running. If you want to get mightier then make sure you do some fitness and exercise for at least an hour a day. But don’t worry if you don’t like running, walking is equavalent to running (somehow).  

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