Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Compare and Contrast

Walt: find comparisons and differences between items and provide proof

Our task was to create a compare and contrast diagram. We also added a padlet to it with information from the text we read. 

I have learnt so many new things about Christchurch that I never knew before. Did you know that Christchurch don't have any art galleries? They were demolished from the earthquake in 2010. Instead they paint on their buildings so the people could see the painting's outdoors. They have built temporary buildings to look after people who have lost their homes, businesses or even important place like churches.

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  1. An excellent summary Seini of our discussions and reading around Christchurch! You have an excellent understanding of all that has gone on with our friends from down south. Next time think about the extra detail you could add to your padlet when providing proof from the text. Keep it up!