Thursday, 7 May 2015

Reviewing a game

Name of Game: 60 seconds Link to Game: Burger Run
How do you score/ win: You get to the end of the level
Difficulty: 2/10
Fun: 10/10

I enjoy this game very much in fact I enjoy it more than Unlucky Robber. In this game I didn't get pass level one because it was a little hard. What I like about this game is when the character smashes into the bricks.

Between these two games I find Unlucky Robber harder than this game because this game is a side scrolling game and unlucky robber goes up wards. I like playing lots of different games but not hard ones. I enjoy this game because it's not as hard as Unlucky Robber.

The reason why I rate this game as a 10/10 fun because the character is funny looking. I also rate this game 2/10 difficulty because the only hard part was being near the spikes which I didn't like.

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