Monday, 25 May 2015

Problem solving

Walt: solve multiplication problems using a range of strategies

This week we've been focusing on multiplication. We use lots of different strategies to solve problems.

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  1. Hi Seini,

    Well done Seini. I'm sorry that you had to be by yourself for this preentation. I read the preantation and spot that on the second problem, where did Nathan get the 5 shells from because he found 4 liment shells, 3 sand dollars and 2 chonch shells so then he would of had 9 shells in the end. If Nathan had nine and Alana had 16 more than him, she must of had 25. Alana's 25 shells + Nathan's 9 shells would = 34. Get the 34 shells and then get the 9 from the begging would = 43. So the answer would be 43.

    From Talita.