Monday, 11 May 2015

Mothers day and my birthday

Did you enjoy yesterday? I really did because it was mothers day and also my birthday. We celebrated mothers day at church and all the mothers got lollies made into necklaces. Mothers day is a day to remember your mom and for mothers to enjoy themselves.

      Do you have your birthday on any special day like I do? If you did well then lucky you. I had a really cool birthday on mothers day. Mothers day is on the 10th of may and also my birthday,.

        Yesterday me and my mom got a present from my dad and on Saturday I got $20 from my mom. What I like about my mum is that she always makes me happy. What do you like about your mum? Mothers are always taking care of you and reminds you to do good things. 

My mum has a nice smile and I really like making her smile a lot. She loves making jokes about us which is funny. When we are doing things in the house she'd scare us that makes me shiver. Make sure to keep your mum happy always even when its your birthday on mothers day. I hope you liked my short peace of writing. 

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