Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Reviewing a game

Name of Game: Unlucky Robber

Link to Game: Unlucky Robber

How do you score/ win: Go through the door way in the wall.

Difficulty: 4/10

Fun: 6/10
Description: To win this game you have to enter the door way in the wall. When you win you gain money and you are able to by some things from the shop and you unlock level two. In this game you only use the arrow button that points up.

While you are playing you collect animals that are made out of gold. They give you more money. When the person is o the wall it slips down so make sure it stays on the swirling balls.

I rate this game as 6 out of 10 fun because I love playing games. I gave this game 4 out 10 difficulty because the person jumps side wards which is hard because it doesn't go where I wants you to go.

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