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Made in Taiwan

Walt: write a detailed summary of a documentary called 'Made in Taiwan'
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Nathan and Oscar are two men who travelled to various countries; in search of clues to the locations that their ancestors might have come from. Before they went on their journey they took throat swabs to be tested so that they could receive information about their ancestors.
They visited four countries and found so many similarities between the tangata whenua (people of that land) in comparison to the Maori people. For example; Rarotongans speak quite a similar language as they do, whereas the Taiwanese people look as if their Maori. Even the female wear moko-like prints on their face as a Taiwanese tradition.
One of the most significant experiences in their trip was getting to be in an archaeological dig for the very first time. This was an important part of their journey because they got to see an old human skeleton and had learnt that every single skeleton that was found underground there had no skulls. That meant that the people who buried the bodies had revisited the graves and disposed their skulls.  
Another great experience that they had in Vanuatu was learning about the Lapita pottery. Getting to see and touch this ancient object was quite fascinating for Oscar; it was very exciting to be holding what our ancestors might have used or eaten from in the past thought Oscar. Looking at the patterns really unlocked where the Samoan patterns might’ve come from. They were really similar to the patterns on Oscars arm and he had seen them before on the Samoan Tapa cloth.
The two most important places that they had stopped off at was Samoa and Mahia in Aotearoa. These places were important because this is where they went to reveal their envelopes to their families. This is also where they found out where there parents come from and who they were descended from.
Overall, it was a terrific trip for Nathan and Oscar. They found their journey quite successful because they accomplished what they had gone to do. They travelled to numerous countries and enjoyed looking and learning about each of the countries history.  

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