Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Space Invaders

Have you ever created a game using code? Well if you are 13 years of age, your not quite experienced, your partner keeps slacking off and you have made one; then you know exactly what state I am in right now. Stressing at first but relieving when it is finally complete.

For the past 10 weeks my partner, Cameo and I were assigned to create a game on scratch using our knowledge from last terms experience. The theme was based on space. We needed to include space facts that we read off sites and set challenges for the main sprite in our game.

Starting our Game
Getting started was not a problem but moving on to the next levels was quite tricky. We had to broadcast our sprite on to another backdrop and add a code to the backdrop to receive the broadcast so it would switch backgrounds. If that second step wasn't included than the background would stay the same which was frustrating at times.

Problem Solving
Our second level had the most issues, when trying to get our sprite (spaceship) to shoot at the enemies. Luckily, we had the internet! Tutorials were really useful when we had no help from Zoe. We were eager to learn and extend our knowledge of coding especially if we didn't have an experienced coding adult in the room who worked at O.M.G Tech to help us with it.

Highlight Levels
Level three and four were our easiest levels to work on. The third level had 15 martians attacking and one bullet point where you had to get to; to receive your bit of space information. Our fourth and last level, showed the earth orbiting the sun and had some obstacles around it to block the sprites way from reaching earth.

Unfortunately, my partner and I were terrible at communicating. We also weren't the best group at managing our time wisely. Our game could have been better and more complex if we had done so. So these are one of the main things we need to work on for next time.

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  1. Malo Seini! Thanks for sharing this update. I think it's great you have had this learning opportunity of creating your very own game. Well done also on your honest reflection. Looking forward to reading about your most recent presentation.