Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy

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Can you imagine starting off the day of the term with an alien invasion? It was pitch black in the hall, a UFO (drone) flew onto the stage and two hideous aliens appeared out of the UFO. Luckily it was just an act for part of our school topic this term which is ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’

Team 1’s focus for this term's topic is on the moon, sun and where they at night and day. For their performance they showed a movie of their teachers flying off to space in their cars. The second team was quite similar to team 1’s focus about the two elements and the earth. Their movie was quite different though, they were dancing in space and it showed that they were in different planets enjoying themselves and life in space.

Team 3’s movies talked about time and what they did during school times. During the film they showed their favourite part of the day at school and their most favourite was 3pm when they went running home happily and screaming. Their main focus is on time and why scientists time.

Our team, team five had the most entertaining performance of all, I reckon. Mrs Judd sang a lovely cover of “How far I’ll I go” written over by Mr Wiseman. The lyrics said what our focus was which was about the moon and the impacts it has on the earth.

But I think that team 4 had the most informative item. They thought about life on the other planets in the galaxy and put that all into one movie. Unfortunately, every time they approached a planet they’re ships exploded. So their main topic was to take care of our own planet and being guardians of our own galaxy.

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