Thursday, 15 June 2017

Sweet as Poetry

Walt: Oral Language - analyse and adopt spoken texts with expression and confidence

This week in literacy we have still been carrying out our knowledge of poems and expressing ourselves more. We have learnt more about how we need to talk with expression, projecting our voice and making our words loud and clear.


  1. Wow Seini! What a creation... You have caught my attention throughout the beggining to the end of this blog post! Well sorry, where is my introduction? It's Losana again from TPS, just stopping by and leaving you feedback on your blog! Anyways here it goes......
    I can tell just by reading your presentation you made it yours! Your answers didn't only answer the question provided but also explained your part of your view, and I could see that clearly! I espically adore your "coat design", you really made it your own, and I can tell that it is 100% orignal. The only thing I have to say for next time, is to maybe add in the challenges you went through while completing this task! Then maybe your audience, or viewers could leave you comments on how you couldn't find that so difficult next time. If you know what I mean! But phenomenal work effort!

    - Your quad blogging buddy Losana!

  2. Hi Seini,
    Wow! I have to agree with Losana. I really like your description of what you think his Mother's Coat is. I can tell that you read the text clearly, and you thought to yourself (using the evidence you have in the text) What would his Mother's Coat look like? I hope I get to see more activities like this.
    Great Job!