Monday, 8 May 2017

Multiplication Challenge

Today in numeracy class we started off with a warm up which was a maths grid. This activity helps us to get faster at answering multiplication questions. My time for completing this was 6:22 minutes. Next time we do the maths grid I want to get a faster time then I did before. 


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  2. Hi Seini,
    Its Losana! I would just like to give you feedback on this blogpost I have just read and been informed about! I love the way you talked about your time at your class Multiplication Challenge. I also like the way you added in a photo, which is basically evidence of your learning. Something I think you should improve on next time is to add in a learning intention along with your thoughts while doing this task! Basically from things you liked to disliked, and from the easy things to the challenging things! Let your audience know more about how you felt while completing this task! But I look forward to reading and seeing more and more of your blog posts in the future! Keep it up... Sieni! :)