Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Introducing Our Learning

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Immersion Assembly, have you ever heard of that before? Every first day of a new term our school has an assembly where the teachers introduce our learning for each team. They were to perform a skit or make a movie all about our learning this term. The overall topic for this term that the whole school is focusing on is called “Now that’s Thinking”.

First up was team one, their learning is based on matariki and they will be making kites with different designs of their own creation so that they could fly them during the term. Team two and three are also doing the same and team four is looking at how the technology has changed now, since the olden days.   

I’m in team five, our teachers were the only team who did something besides from a movie. They performed a skit. Their skit was about fixing things around the school to make our learning better. It was really entertaining, so was all the other teams movies.

I am very looking forward to learning new things this term. Some of my learning goals for this new term is to improve more in my writing and to be more confident in presenting presentations in front of an audience.

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  1. I really enjoyed your presentation at the Manaiakalani Hui. It's great that you were able to focus your learning on a real live problem and work collaboratively to solve that problem using your thinking skills. Your awareness of audience and purpose was outstanding. Browsing across your blog I can see that you are a self motivated learning - you can be very proud as I am sure your teachers and whanau are.