Monday, 13 February 2017

My Number of the week

Walt: Think about a number in many different ways

This presentation was a warm up task for this week. My number for this week is 1478. I learnt how to think about one number many different ways. Please leave a comment below if you have time.


  1. Hi Seine,
    My name is Losana and I am a year 8 student attending Tamaki Primary, and I am apart of your group for quad blogging. I like the way you had used your number (1478) in different ways.. For example explaining the number in the Maori language, putting the number in a problem and solving it, and much, much more. I also liked the way you put in your blog post, you thought about that one number in different ways. What ways? & How did you think about it... Next time don't leave your audience wondering, also some feedback for next time is be more descriptive with your blog posts... Share what you thought was challenging, easy and enjoyable. Other than that you did amazing, and I can't wait to see what your number is next time.


  2. Hi Seine, (and Losana).
    My name is Aaliyah and I am a year 6 student attending St Pius X Catholic School. I am also apart of your group for the quad blogging. I also agree with Losana when she talks about using your number in many different ways. I think it would be helpful if you put down more detail to your Problem Solving. It won't only help the viewers understand more about your Problem, but it will also help you understand how to solve other Problems like that.