Saturday, 6 February 2016

2015 Achievements & 2016 Goals

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Last year in 2015, I was year six in room six with Mr Goodwin. This year I am a year seven in room three with Mrs Tele’a.

In 2015 I was one of the top students and I had to be a role model for people younger than me. I didn’t achieve that much last year but only a few. Being a year six was hard especially if you are in Extension which is one of the special opportunities or achievements I had then. Other cool experiences were getting to meet really cool people from around the world.

Now we’re in the present 2016, just getting to know the year eights and getting use to being a year seven in the intermediate block. Firstly to start off my year i decided to set up a few simple goals for myself. My four top goals are to complete most of the tasks I have to complete, contribute in most of the activities that my class do, to do better in my tests than I did last year and to never be in re-think ever.

What did you like about school last year? If you think you didn’t do as well as you think then you should set yourself some goals for this year.

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