Thursday, 19 March 2015

Maritime Museum

Yesterday on Wednesday the 18th of March the year five, six, seven and eight extension group and a few other people went on an amazing experience to the Maritime Museum. We learnt about the the Malama Honua group and what they did. We got split into three groups with  an adult.

There were three main activities that we did. The adult that was in my group was Mrs Lagitupu. First we explored the vaka and we got split again but our helpers were the men from the Malama Honua group.

He showed us the map to where they have been and where they are going to go. Next we went into the bedrooms they had a very special sheet that they use to keep them from falling when it is a very unbalanced ride. We also saw the toilets and kitchen.

The star compass was our next activity and we learnt actions and names about the sun and many other things. Kalepa Baybayan chose two people to come up and do the actions with him.

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