Monday, 30 March 2015

Duffy show recount

Walt: do better at reading and understanding the meaning of words.

The Duffy Show Recount
On a fun and really sunny Monday afternoon half of pt england school gathered into the hall to watch the Duffy show. When we reached the hall T.J, Antonia and Sienna greeted us with smiles and waves. Before they started the show  we all sang the duffy song. After the duffy song they told us the three important rules. The rules were to remain seated through the whole show, and whenever they did an X with their arms that means to be quiet and the last rule was to have heaps of fun.

The play they performed for us was about a girl named Sienna she didn’t like reading at all.It was raining Sienna  wanted to enter the burger shop but she didn’t have any money. Sienna said people who don’t have money are not allowed to enter. She stood in the shade beside a library while it was raining. Sienna thought the library was a toy shop because of all the dinosaur toys, then she saw all the different kinds of  books.  

Sienna saw Duffy borrowing books from the library using his library card but she didn’t know it was a library card. When Duffy came out Sienna said to him. “Wow you must have heaps of money in your  visa card.” “But this is not my visa card its my library card.” he replied. “Oh” said Sienna. They went inside and duffy introduced her to the librarian.

After they met each other Duffy and the librarian asked her a few questions. They got sick of asking her questions because all her answers were about the television. Her favourite movie though was Harry Potter. Duffy had a great idea instead of giving Sienna a D.V.D of it he gave her a book. Sienna was so surprised she said “wow they even have the books of it.”   They told Sienna that the books were actually made before the movies and she did not know that.

Duffy got his guitar and started playing a song then they all sang to us.  So Sienna told Duffy and  the librarian they she wanted a library card and they were glad to make one for Sienna then they went away and started making it for her. While they were gone Sienna looked around for more interesting books just when her mum saw her then she came in and grabbed Sienna by the arm. Sienna told her mum that she was getting a library card but her mum didn’t care she told Sienna that watching television was way better but Sienna didn’t agree.
Duffy came back and gave Sienna’s mum a cookbook but she said she didn’t like cooking she liked fishing better. So he got a fishing book with lots of picture’s with fish on it then she looked at it and said “Oh Sienna you get your library card I will be waiting just here. Her mum went away Sienna smiled and started reading some of the Harry Potter book. Her Imagination was getting stronger and stronger. She was with Hymini and Harry Potter she was the new girl and Hymini and Harry were pulling out screaming plants. They wore ear plugs so their ears don’t start hurting. Sienna pulled out one screaming plant it was really loud and shaking all over the place. Hymini had to put it back in the plant pot. “Thanks a lot new girl” She said.

Soon Sienna meet the garden fairy who was in a book but she didn’t know because she was Imagining her. At the end Sienna liked Gardening and she liked the fairy garden. The duffy show was really funny and also really helped to like reading a bit more. I can’t wait until the next time the duffy show people come.

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