Friday, 19 September 2014

Key competencies

Have you ever heard of the key competencies? Thinking, managing self, participating and contributing, relating to others, using language symbols and texts? If you have, then I bet you are a super learner However, if you haven’t well I am here to explain exactly what they are

Managing Self
It’s important to manage yourself in class so that you don’t always get in trouble. For example if you were talking back to the teacher. When she or he told you to do something then you have to control yourself so you can do the right thing. You need to control your actions and make the right choices so you can manage yourself.

You need to think so you can answer questions and ask questions about what you don’t know. For example in class if you are stuck on a question then you need to really think hard. If the question is to hard to answer then you should ask a teacher and think about what you are going to say to them. When you have answered the question check with someone and then memorize the answer incase you get that same question again.

Relating to others
When we are relating to others thats when we show respect to the person you are with. For example if you were with a friend they would like it if you were kind to them. They wouldn’t like it when you are mean to them. If you were doing the opposite way of mean then you are relating to others which is your friend.

Now you know three of the very important key competencies that we use at school to be successful learners. Please check out other blogs to see what the two other key competencies are.

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