Friday, 12 September 2014


Use My Heart
Using my heart means making the right decisions and being kind to each other.For example if you sent someone a doggy mail and you get in trouble the next time you have to think about what's going to happen before you do it. If I use my heart I wouldn’t get in trouble

I’m gonna to be Cybersmart
Being Cybersmart is doing the right thing on your netbook or chromebook.For example if your friend told you to go onto a game during learning time you have to think before you do so you don’t get in trouble. If your cybersmart then you can be a future focused learner.

Now you know what Cybersmart means and maybe you want to practice how to be cybersmart incase you forget to be safe at school online. Say it with me “Use my brain use my heart I’m gonna be cyber!!!”

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