Thursday, 10 April 2014

What Is Fiafia To You?

Fiafia at pt england is a 
celebration about our culture’s and the traditional things we do. Samoans and tongans calls it happy but for new zealanders it is a celebration for the fun of our lives.

Our school has this celebration every two years.The teacher’s sometimes join in with our wonderful dancing and we also have family cake stalls or food stalls.Our parents are really proud of us when we are smiling.

My fiafia group was the middle hiphop our costumes were white top, black pants and bandanas.But my favorite performance was senior hip hop because the minions looked really funny I wanted to get up and dance.  I was shouting and cheering for them.

After fiafia everybody was really, really tired so when I got home I fell asleep into a deep dream.  

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