Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Beat the Goalie

Last term as part of our focus on coding we had to choose from three tasks to work on in term 3. All of these tasks included the makey-makey kit and scratch. We had the option of making a game show with buzzers, a band or a game and controllers for a disability. My partners Talita, Moroni and myself chose to make a game & controllers for disabled people.

For the scratch part we took a game that we had already created awhile ago but we twisted it up a bit just so it would be sort of different. We did this so that we could focus more on the hard part; which is finding a disability & creating controllers for the people who have that disability. In creating our game we found it really easy because all we had to do was make different backgrounds and change the characters.

Next we had to research a disability and pick one of them to make suitable game controls for that disability. The disability that we chose to do this for was for people with amputated arms. Because they have no arms; we thought that their controls would have to be on the ground. They would have to step on the keys to control character.

So then we went on to making the controllers. To make them we used cardboard, aluminium tape and wires. The wires were just extensions for the makey-makey chords. The only problem that we had with creating the controls was figuring out how to make the keys work without the players having to hold a certain chord throughout the whole game; which was the earth chord. To solve this problem we had to connect the earth to one end of the wire & the left/right/space chord to the other end of the wire.

Last terms task was actually kind of fun for me. The easiest part overall was connecting the controls with the makey-makey kit. My partners and I had heaps of fun playing against each other at the end of all our hard work. We thought that we did a great job on our game because one of our changes was adding a second player. Here is a link to our game,find someone to play with and enjoy. You can even create your own controls for this if you want to.

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