Thursday, 14 July 2016

Famous Landmarks In New Zealand - Day 2

The giant Lemon & Paeroa is located in Waikato in New Zealand. It is a sweet-soft drink that is made in New Zealand. It was made by adding lemon juice and carbonated water from the town of Paeroa. 

Did you know that it took two years and nine months to build the Sky tower? The construction started in 1994 and opened in in 1997. It is located in the Auckland city, Victoria Street W & Federal Street. The height of the tower is 328 meters tall.

This is called 'Gumboot Capital Of The World' and as you can see it is located in Taihape in New Zealand. The boot represents the humble and hardworking working of their community. 

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  1. Hi Seini,

    Wow, I have learned quite a bit from reading your post about famous landmarks in New Zealand. I had no idea that the 'Gumboot Capital of the World' was in Taihape nor did I know that it took almost three years to build the Sky Tower. That is a long time! I did read in the New Zealand Herald recently that the Sky Tower is the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere. Did you read that anywhere? It think that that is quite amazing as the Southern Hemisphere is huge and includes large countries like Australia. It's quite cool to think that our Sky Tower is taller than any of the buildings in Australia, isn't it?

    I hope that you will continue to post such informative activity blogs, Seini. I love learning and you are teaching me interesting and important things about our country. Thanks!

    Keep up the great work,

    Rachel :)