Tuesday, 19 November 2019

"Chalk it out"

In health class this morning, with Miss Pakitama we were given task to go outside onto our netball courts to create our own piece of art on Hauora. Whilst doing this we were all happy to be out of class doing something physically whilst socialising. The two that were most affected positively was the social and physical well-being because; whilst participating in the activity we were able to move around and whilst also talking and discussing with one another the key concepts of each dimension. 

Fonofale Health Model

This health model is the Fonofale. The culture is represents is the Samoan culture. The key features are it's four dimensions which are Spiritual, Physical, Mental and other. The foundation of the fale represents family.

I will apply the Fonofale model to my well-being with my presentation of my health model this morning. Whilst standing in front of the classroom, I was able to share what I'd learnt about this health model with the rest of the classroom, therefore my social well-being was positively impacted because I was around other people sharing my knowledge. After presenting my health model I was proud of myself for being able to stand up on my own without my partner which impacted positively on my spiritual well-being because of I had a sense of achievement.

Monday, 24 June 2019

Social Responsibility

Image result for ultimate frisbee
This Monday in Option P.E we played Ultimate Frisbee with Mr Cunard and as we played we were to keep in mind Hellison's Five Levels of Social Responsibility and use it for the basis of our activity and how we performed. Today I think I displayed a level 3 which could've been a 4 or 5 but a lot of the time I tend to forget about the levels and play in a slight unpleasant manner. I was also proud of myself because of my improvement from the last lesson which I was displaying a level 1. Hopefully in the next lesson I could do better and strive for a Level 5.

Monday, 17 June 2019

Hellison's Five Levels

Image result for social responsibility

For the passed few weeks we've been learning about Don Hellison's Five Levels of social responsibility. Social can be defined as; being with other people and responsibility is taking care of the things around us. Our task for today was to apply these levels to our last practical and determine which of the levels we displayed in that practical. When thinking back to that practical (playing Commando Dodge Ball) I reckon I was portraying a level 1. One reason I think this is because; I wasn't really engaged with this specific game and didn't really want to participate but did anyway. A solution that I could use for next lesson (to improve my level of Social Responsibility) is; I could participate to the best of my ability in whatever game or activity we're doing for practical.

Monday, 25 March 2019

Finger Joint Project

Image result for finger jointImage result for serving tray

This term in Woodwork, Mr Thompson taught us how to make a finger joint with wood. After learning how to perfect a finger joint, our first project was set to be finished by the end of the term. We were to apply what we'd learnt (of how to make a finger joint) into making a serving tray. After completing our project we are to give it to someone who it would be useful to (as a gift).

The hardest part for me whilst proceeding with my project was, getting the joints align so that they'd fit together tightly. One problem that I came across was; when I put each end together they were quite loose, though this issue was resolved after it was glued together and nailed in. What I enjoyed the most about this project though was actually sawing the wood and seeing the outcome of my project by the end.

Equipment needed for project:
(1) Wood
(2) Tenon Saw
(3) Chisel
(4) Joiners Mallet
(5) Sand Paper
(6) File
(7) Waste Block
(8) Glue
(9) Hammer + Nails
(10) Ruler + Pencil
(11) Try-square

Friday, 8 March 2019

"Keep ya head up"

Recently in health class, we've been learning about 'Body Image'. As part of this we were set to task to choose a specific line or verse (from a song we'd studied in class) that had resonated with us.